Lip & Cheek Enhancement

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Course Overview

Our Lip and Cheek Enhancement course combines two very popular areas which can work in harmony together for beautiful facial procedures. 

  • Lip Enhancement – Becoming an experienced injector is critical for carrying out successful lip enhancement on patients because of the artistry and skill involved in the procedure.
  • Cheek Enhancement – Cheek enhancement is an essential component of your aesthetic skill set.  The procedure is a highly effective way of making people look younger, but also more beautiful.

Lip & Cheek Enhancement Course

SkinViva Training’s Lip & Cheek Enhancement Course will train you in essential aspects of these procedures to enable delegates to develop a more advanced practical and theoretical knowledge of these complex and artistic treatments.

Like all of our courses, we will train you how to consult and assess your clients so that you deliver a tailored treatment and achieve the best possible results.

We will also share with you the essential artistic principles that will help you design treatments that fit each face using a simple 5 step assessment process designed by our Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce.  We also teach you industry leading safety protocols to greatly limit the chances of your patients having unnecessary complications and side effects.

Trainees often express a much higher degree of reward as a result of this course – nothing quite beats the feeling of helping someone become more beautiful before your eyes!

Course Location

Castlefield, Manchester

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