Foundation Botox & Dermal Filler Training

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Course Overview


Our popular foundation course takes you through a lively combination of lectures, practical tasks and, most importantly, extensive “hands on” training on patients to give you the confidence, knowledge and clinical skills to treat your own patients with botulinum toxins and fillers safely and with maximum effect. This course includes practical advice on setting up your own business and other administration/ business aspects, as well as covering marketing and promotion which is essential in today’s competitive market.

You will learn:

  • How to take a history
  • How to examine patients
  • Diagnose dynamic and static lines
  • Explain to patients the expected effects and risks of the procedure
  • How to deliver treatment to patients and gain consent
    “Our expert’s tutors will provide critical appraisal of your techniques and feedback.”
  • Insurance requirements and other business aspects
  • How to maximise your profit – marketing and promotion
  • You will also learn about the available products on the market and how to use them.​

The foundation course covers the most popular treatments asked for:
Botulinum Toxins: Peri-orbital (crows’ feet), Frontalis (forehead lines) and Glabellar (frown lines)
Dermal Fillers: Lips, Nasolabial folds and Marionette lines.

At the end of the course, provided you reach the required standard, you will gain a certificate of attendance recognised by Hamilton Fraser Insurance, Cosmetic Insure and all other leading UK Medical Aesthetic Insurance Providers. Using your certificate, you will gain a preferential rate on your medical aesthetic insurance with Hamilton Fraser and Cosmetic Insure.

Course Location

La Belle Forme, 26 Wilson Street, Glasgow, G1 1SS

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