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Sebastian Rose Medical Aesthetics DERMAL FILLERS – FOUNDATION COURSE provides the perfect start to your career in Aesthetic Medicine, helping you learn the fundamental physiology, principles and practices required to launch a long, successful, and safe career.


DERMAL FILLERS – FOUNDATION COURSE is designed to teach you the fundamental foundations of HYALURONIC ACID DERMAL FILLERS upon which to build your future career. Includes the theory and practical of how to safely and expertly treat nose-to-mouth lines (naso-labial folds), mouth-to-chin lines (marionette lines), and how to treat the corners of the mouth.


The history of dermal fillers and their current place in aesthetic medicine

How to ensure you provide safe, appropriate, and ethical consultations

Pharmacology / mechanism of action

Different ‘types’ of dermal fillers / brands

Side effects / contraindications

Safety, regulations, legislation, guidelines


Relevant facial anatomy

Administration / different techniques and when to use them

How to perfect three areas: nose-to-mouth lines (naso-labial folds), mouth-to-chin lines (marionette lines) and how to treat the corners of the mouth

Adverse events / reporting / MHRA / yellow card scheme

Aftercare and follow-up


This 1 day course consists of both theory and practical elements, and we provide you with a training manual for you to take home. The day includes case studies, live demonstrations of injection techniques on clients, simulated practical experience on professional silicone mannequin heads, and a written (multiple choice) test at the end of the day. A score of 80% or above is required to pass.


On successful completion of the course, you will receive:

Certificate of Completion

A fully insurable qualification (Cosmetic Insure)

Complimentary starter pack, including: gloves, syringes, swabs, and a skin marker pencil

Ongoing help and support (for up to six weeks)

The option to attend a 1:1 practical session (practise your skills on a live model, all products and model will be provided)

The option to attend one of our MENTORSHIP PROGRAMMES, which enables you to work towards and / or meet the minimum standards as advised in the Health Education England (HEE) 2015 government training recommendations for delivery of cosmetic procedures. In conjunction with our FOUNDATION COURSES, our MENTORSHIP PROGRAMMES ensure that you meet HEE guidelines to enable you to become an experienced and independent aesthetic practitioner.

Course Location

Location: Wales Address: 330 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, United Kingdom, CF5 1HD

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