Advanced Focus Four Mentorship

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Course Overview


12. Advanced Focus Four Mentorship Programme

Aims and Objectives

This course is specifically designed to provide delegates with the competencies to confidently treat patients with a full face approach. We include a portfolio of current high level evidence based papers as a reading and reference resource

Module 1 – Tear Trough and Periorbital Rejuvenation

Module 2- Nasal Complex
Module 3 – Temple Rejuvenation
Module 4 – Forehead Rejuvenation


We are pleased to offer this training day subject to confirmation of occupation, professional registration number. NMC/GMC/GDC/GPhC Registrants Only.

Courses are limited to 6 delegates to ensure quality of the hands-on training.

We Provide

Training material , appropriate hyaluronic acid filler, sundries lunch and refreshments

You Provide

It is recommended that you bring your own model to the course for their continuity of care. If this is not possible we may have the option to arrange a model if given adequate notice.


Delegates will be provided with a certificate of competency at the end of the training. The course is approved and verified with Hamilton Frazer.

Training Location

The training is held at Jeremy Isaac Training Academy, which is based at Wish Skin Clinic, Port Talbot.

Cost : £3000

Course Dates

Module 1 : Saturday 1st  May – Wish skin clinic, Port Talbot
Module 2 : Saturday 19th June – Wish skin clinic, Port Talbot
Module 3 : Saturday 10th July – Wish skin clinic, Port Talbot
Module 4 : Saturday 7th  August – Wish skin clinic, Port Talbot

Course Location

Wish Skin Clinic 66 Commercial Road Taibach Port Talbot SA13 1LR

Course Dates


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